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Easy Accounting


Finance application for Android is an application of financial record-keeping by the method of bookkeeping accounting where there is a JOURNAL, LEDGER, BALANCE SHEET, PROFIT LOSS etc.With this application you will be easier in drawing up financial statements for your efforts. You dont have to bother opening your computer every time you do the bookkeeping. All can be done from your grasp through your android smartphone.
This application was designed to be very simple easy to understand and use for the first time studied bookkeeping.
To use this application you should at least understand a little bit about bookkeeping accounting.
If there are errors in this system please send us the information layout error in the review so that we can analyze and make improvements soon.
Advantages of this application:1. a complete Module.2. practical and cost-efficient electricity.3. the Data stored in the memory of the Phone, no need for internet connection.4. the process of quick bookkeeping.5. you can export to excel so readily in the reporting.6. the look is simple and easy to understand.
TERMS << -1. Before deciding to buy the user must know in advance about this application.2. If there is an error on the application the user can report via email and the app will soon be updated.3. For the error report should include an image of the screenshot so easy application developers to analyze the location of an application error.4. The addition of features is the policy of the developer of the application, the user can provide suggestions or advice but not all proposals or suggestions can be realized due to be adapted to the existing database structure, there are things that can not be done because it concerns the security of data throughout the application, the application the nature of the mass when the change will affect all users of the application, and the user wishes to one another so that different applications may not be able to give satisfaction to all users.5. For questions about the application difficulties should be collected first and subsequently send it via email.6. With use this application then you agree and understand the existing provisions.